Top 5 Things To Do In Petra To Make Your Trip Unforgettable

You may have come across many portraits of Petra – or its most popular building, the Treasury – in documentaries, magazines and even movies – but it isn’t till you are there that you start to feel an authentic acknowledgement for the place. Majority tourists visits southern Jordan as part of their day trip and that is a sorrow as Peta features a lot of things to keep travelers engaged for at least 5 to 6 days if not more. Apart from exploring the main highlights of the city, there are many others things to do during your Petra tours. So, what are they? Let’s talk about them briefly:

Look for traces of ancient magnificence in the Siq:

The Siq is a valley that links Petra with the outside world. It is a wonderful experience to stroll on thousand of years old cobblestones and witness the curved rock facade in a variety of colors. Search for traces of old dams & water conduits employed by the Nabateans to manage the water source into Petra. As the main gate to the city, the Nabatearrs crafted beautiful statues & domes along the Siq.

Join a cooking class in Petra:

If you have seen Petra already by night, joining a cooking class is probably the best thing you can do in the evening. The Petra Kitchen ( placed next to the main road in Wadi Musa) is an incredible place that assures an enlightening & fun-packed evening. Tourists wear gloves & mask, and under the guidance of the eatery’s cooks, learn how to produce typical Jordanian dishes.

Meet the Bedouins:

While roving around Petra, you will notice different Bedouin tents that offer tourists a sheltered respite & goodies. Throw a banter with the Bedouins – a lot of them belongs to Petra and are good in English – so communication shouldn’t be an issue. Also ask them about tales of their descendant residing in Petra. Possibilities are, you will get to hear an interesting tale regarding what it was like dwelling in Petra earlier.

Ride to the Monastery on the back of a mule:

The Monastery is yet another major highlight of Petra that shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Placed in the mountains atop Petra, it is very difficult hike to the summit. However, you can consider a mule ride to make it to the top as an alternative of hiking. It is fun and rather excruciating at times but you will reach there in good shape. A mule ride to the Monastery will cost you en dinars (approximately $15).

Don’t miss the sunset when you’re in Petra:

This is such a magical Petra experience that you can’t miss simply. As Petra is placed in a gorge, you will have to tour to the border of Wadi Musa to witness the sunset. The ideal sites to witness the sunset are placed along the route from Wadi Musa to Taybeh, approximately a five to ten minutes drive from the centre of Wadi Musa.

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