Top 5 Best Reasons to Choose a Travel to Jordan Now

Looking for adventure on this vacation? Jordan has heaps of age-old history. When thing to travel in Jordan, just imagine rolling desert landscapes, awe-inspiring Red Sea reefs, monumental city of Petra and much more. In fact, the treasures of Jordan are plenty in number – starting from ancient Biblical sites to sprawling desert landscapes and salt waters of the Dead Sea.

If you are still confused, read the post below and find out the good reasons to travel to Jordan now:

1. Experience the Splash in the Dead Sea –

The Dead Sea is the lowermost place on the earth’s surface and is located around 400 meters (1,310 feet) below the sea level. Though many wadis empty their salty flood waters into the Dead Sea, there’s no specific outlet for the sea. Combining with soaring temperature of the air, it produces a high rate of evaporation from almost 10 million tons of water per day. However, the evaporation leaves the residues of salt and minerals like sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potash and bromide salts.


Remember one thing that the Dead Sea is almost 10 times saltier than any ocean with salinity rate of over 30%. So come here and enjoy some therapeutic mud baths during your Jordan travel.

2. Discover the Magnificent of Petra –

The UNESCO World Heritage Site – Petra is located in disguise in South Jordan. This Rose City was carved out of the rock by the Nabateans over 2,000 years ago and offers a staggering number of over 800 monuments scattering 100 sq km – exploring all will take weeks to achieve. When making a trip to Petra during your Jordan travel, visit The Siq, the Treasury, The Royal Tombs, The High Place of Sacrifice and Obelisk.

3. Take in the Red Sea Coral Reefs –


One of the richest marine kingdoms all over the world, the Red Sea is well-accessible through Aqaba. On your trip to the Red Sea, you will see some of the beautiful coral reefs around. Though the average temperature of the water is 23° C, the calm waters welcome both divers and snorkelers wholeheartedly. When you go underneath, you’ll explore a thriving world of sponges, corals, a huge variety of fish like damselfish, moray eels, parrot fish, turtles, whale shark, seahorses etc.

4. Go Deep into the Wadi Rum –


The awe-inspiring Wadi Rum is a vast desert space that will take away your breath for sure. Over 6,500 Bedouin are thought to live in Wadi Rum. Though many sites of Wadi Rum are well-trodden along the tourist trail, there’s nothing that can distract the sheer size, scale and majesty of Wadi Rum in any sense. If you are thinking of travelling to Jordan, don’t forget to experience the desert flora and fauna as well as the incredible delight of solitude and space at Wadi Rum!

5. Uncover the Mystery of Jerash –


Almost as popular as the idyllic city of Petra, Jerash is another great reason to visit Jordan. The ancient city offers an introduction to some of the best-preserved Roman ruins around the world. However, it just takes an hour’s drive from the capital city – Amman. While traveling Jerash, don’t forget to visit the Hippodrome, the South Theatre and the Temple of Zeus. When you walk through Jerash, you’ll come across colonnaded and paved streets, soaring hilltop temples, theaters, wide public squares, fountains etc.


Conclusion –

Take a Jordan travel with Jordan Private Tours & Travel and enjoy more than just a holiday while visiting sightseeing attractions of Jordan. If you want us to enhance your Jordan travel experience, book our well-planned, guided Jordan tour package as soon as possible and let us show you Jordan in a fully authentic way!

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