Top 6 Best Reasons to Choose Petra Tours on Next Vacation

Petra – the World Wonder, the most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction is an ancient and archaeological city in southern Jordan. If you are thinking to book Petra tours, you might be confused as there are multitude arrays of things to do and places to see in and around Petra. Here are a few of them discussed below – which will help you choose the best things to experience the most out of your vacation:

The Six Best Things for Your Petra Tours

1. Enjoy Floating in a Giant Salt Lake –

Surrounded by Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories, the Dead Sea is a lake and is quite salty – which is around 34 percent saline and almost ten times that of seawater. When taking Petra tours, you should visit the Dead Sea – as its bright-blue waters appeal swimming enthusiasts who want to enjoy the odd feeling of floating.


After swimming, you can cover yourself in Dead Sea mud – which is said to have restorative properties. Even Jordanians call the Dead Sea “the lowest natural spa on Earth”. Don’t forget to miss out this destination – who knows you may feel ten years younger after having a mud bath at the Dead Sea!

2. See Different Sights in a Week –

If you’ve got a week to spare, you can still squeeze in many of the hot spots nearer to Petra without getting rushed to anywhere. However, on your Petra tours, you can visit Amman to discover the highlights like Citadel and the ancient palace, other historic sites like Jerash. Fortunately, Petra enjoys a dry, agreeable climates that makes it possible to travel easily year-around.

3. Visit Archaeological Wonders of Petra –


Once the sprawling capital of the great Nabataean Kingdom, Petra is built of stone and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, the tombs, monuments of the centuries old metropoliscarved deeply into the reddish cliffs, are found nowhere else on Earth. Most visitors on Petra day tours, see the main attractions like Al Khazneh, Ad Deir (the Monastery) – where the Nabataeans may have celebrated religious festivities, the High Place of Sacrifice and much more sights.

4. Go Back in Time to The Roman Empire –

When you’re in Roman, do as the Romans did and don’t forget to appreciate their fine architecture. While choosing full day Petra tours, you should explore remainings of more than ten Roman cities on the eastern edge of the Roman empire scattered throughout Jordan, the northern town of Umm Qais, Albia, the impressive Hadrian’s Arch and much more.

5. Feel the Magic of Camping Beneath The Stars with Bedouins –


Bedouins are famous for their great sense of hospitality and hardiness and they live in remore communities, herding camels and goats as well as make their homes in goat-hair tents. Luckily, you can get to enjoy a feel for Bedouin lifestyle more comfortably at Wadi Rum – a beautiful desert in Jordan. However, there are so many tented campsites available allowing you to spend quality time while experiencing the protected wilderness which humans have inhabited since prehistoric times.

6. Taste Jordanian Delicacies –

Jordan is a ultimate delight for foody. On your Jordan tours, you can enjoy the national dish – mansaf (A goat or lamb cooked in yogurt and seasoned with aromatic spices and herbs, sprinkled with pine nuts and almonds) served over a mountain of rice, stuffed lamb – packed with chopped onions, nuts and rice and more.

Conclusion –


Thinking to hit Petra on upcoming holidays? Peek into the historic and archaeological delights of age-old historical empires on Petra tours with Jordan Prive Tours & Travel and immerse in appealing ancient sightings of Jordan as well as feel what’s so good about Petra till you set it on your eyes! Feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and  Google+

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