Unveil the Arabian Highlights on a Guided Tour in Jordan

Are you a history lover? Well, take a tour of Jordan. This land of lost cities is a must-visit for anyone seeking for an adventure along off the beaten track.


Again if you’re heading to Western Asia and dreaming of exploring the beautiful Roman ruins, guided Jordan trips can take you down to the much Arabian historic as well archaeological sightings in Jordan. All these sites aim to offer a unique taste of Arabian sights on your Jordan travel.

Do you want to make the most out of your tour in Jordan? Let us help you out:

The Lost City Petra –


Petra is one of the most magnificent archaeological sites around the world, and also one of the New Seven Wonders of the world. On your guided Jordan trips, you should visit the most imposing, impressive monument in Petra – Ad Deir (The Monastery).

The Picturesque Amman –


When you are in Amman, you will feel the amazing pulse beat of the Arabia. Here, you will discover spectacular Roman ruins, the highlights like the large Roman amphitheater and the Nymphaeum.

Besides, the Citadel visit is a must for your Jordan travel as it’s the home to the Roman temple of Hercules and the large stone Ummayad Palace. Other places of interest in Amman include Balad and Abdali.

The Historic Jerash –


Jerash has incredible arrays of Greco-Roman ruins, including landmarks like Hadrian’s Arch – which dates back to the second century, the Hippodrome – the smallest hippodrome ever built, and the Archaeological Museum.

The Spectacular Wadi Rum –


The key attractions of Wadi Rum are natural landmarks and rock formations as well as exceptionally colored sand or rocks. However, the reddish-orange color offers the area an otherworldly touch – which has inspired many sci-fi films.

The Authentic Middle-Eastern Delicacies –

Food is imperative in Jordanian lifestyle. They pride themselves on their national dish – Mansaf, lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt, known as Jameed and usually served with rice.

Another Middle-Eastern delicacy is the Maqluba – which literally means upside down and can be cooked with either lamb or chicken. After all, no meal can be concluded without a dessert; taste a portion of Kanafeh – a cheese pastry soaked in sugary, sweet syrup.

The Incredible Dead Sea –


A Jordan travel demands you to slather yourself in the mineral-laden black mud of Dead Sea. Let the mud sit and have an amazing float. You can peddle all you like, but the high level of salt in the water will make you bobbling at the surface.

While you’re in the Dead Sea on Jordan trips, enjoy experiencing the turquoise waters and white salt formations in the south of the lake.

The Exceptional Camping –

The vast and diverse landscape in Jordan offers a spectacular backdrop for camping. Most camping sites in Dana Biosphere Reserve and Wadi Rum have the arrangements to enjoy the night sky at its best.

No matter what, you will find yourself in a world of seclusion lying underneath the blanket of starry sky.

Conclusion –

Planning a guided tour of Jordan? Why don’t you book Jordan trips through Jordan Private Tours & Travel? I’m sure you won’t have any regret of your decision for your holiday tour in Jordan.

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