5 Best Experiences to Enjoy on Jordan Petra Tours

Introducing Petra –

Petra is the famous rose-red, the rock-cut city of the Nabataeans – which remains hidden in the valley of the southern Jordan. It’s one of the must-sees around the Middle East.


The lost city of Petra is a truly beguiling destination and is one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”. Starting from the sunrise to sunset, the city welcomes a steady stream of tourists treading the millennia-old footpaths.

Here are a few best experiences you shouldn’t miss out on Petra tours:

  1. The Magnificence of Sunrise –

It’s highly suggested to start your Petra one day tour as soon as possible to get rid of the heat and crowds while getting the best light for photos. To reach Petra, you should walk through 0.75 mile –long siq, a natural fissure in the mountain.


You will get to experience the drama of the iconic Treasury – Petra’s most famous monument in Jordan. Besides, there are ruins and remaining of Petra’s remarkable past scattering everywhere.

To get the most out of your Jordan Petra tours, it’s highly recommended to take a guided tour on which an expert will point out all the noteworthy niches and multiple inscriptions. So don’t ever miss a thing in Petra!!

  1. The Horse-riding Adventure –


It’s one of the perfect ways to experience the majestic landscape of Petra. You can choose to ride within the site or take on a longer route. Alternatively, you can talk to your Jordan tour operator who can add a horse-riding excursion to your trip itinerary.

  1. The Hiking Tour –

Do you want an experience you’ll never forget? Consider hiking from the city of Petra and staying in Bedouin tent en route. You should try to reach Petra at the sunset.


The road winds up through the scrub-oak forest and emerges on the escarpment, offering a panoramic view of the rock-massif around Petra – which is particularly an appealing sight in the setting sun.

  1. The Night Tour –

Take a tour to Petra by night and see the magnificent tombs, monuments and cliffs lit up by the moon from above and thousands of candles from below. It’s simply magical.


You will start your Petra tour by night – from the main gate down a candlelit siq to sit cross-legged in front of the Treasury. While reaching there, you will get to enjoy the performance of Bedouin musician and storyteller.

  1. The Little-known Little Petra –

Located 5 miles northwest of Petra, you can enjoy walking from the town, while hiking from the monastery. The Little Petra is less visited than its sister but is very interesting.


Likewise Petra, you will arrive here from a miniature siq, offering an access to a beautiful collection of houses, cisterns, temples, tombs, and other structures.

Conclusion –

Are you ready to book your Jordan Petra tours? It’s time to book your Petra one day tour through Jordan Private Tours & Travel and experience the best of the lost city of Petra.

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