Plan A Trip To Umm Ar-Rasas To View Stunning Mosaic Work

Jordan is the home of a significant number of historical places. Its history is filled with stories of great rulers those had enrich its sculpture and culture. Still Jordan is like a pearl in the Middle Eastern region and that attracts millions of tourists around the world. Its rich tradition, marvelous monuments and significant historical places are the main reason for which people around the world want to get hooked up.


If you are looking for a vacation, which is little less than tradition, head to Jordan! A number of amazing places like The lost city of Petra, Crusader Castles, Promise Land and Umm Ar-Rasas, are worthy to explore. All these places have a bright signature in history and still they are attracting millions for their rich and unique value.


Plan tour to Umm Ar-Rasas

The much anticipated Umm Ar-Rasas is located in central Jordan just thirty kilometer away from Madaba. It is well known that, Jordan is covered by deserts and this place also at the center point of a desert. So while traveling to this place, you have to go through large sand fields. Thanks to the travel agencies, they provide luxurious vehicles those will make your journey comfortable and there will no risk of sunburn or dehydration.


Now question is that, why it is so popular? It has a deep role in settlement of Mephaat which can be seen in the “Book of Jeremiah”. Before the arrival of Christianity in this region, it was used as a base of Romanian military, but after the destruction of the great Romanian Empire, this beautiful place abandoned and for several centuries, no one would like to come here. In the year 2004, it has been listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site list for its significant sculptures. After listing, this place has become the top destination for archaeologists.

Things to see in Umm Al-Rasas

After excavation, a number of churches have been discovered. All these churches are believed to be built in the sixth century AD. These are clearly showing the influence of Christianity in Jordan in past times. This place is not so far from Bethlehem and Jerusalem, so there is no doubt of Christian footsteps. There are mainly two churches those are famous for their mosaic work.



At that time, its floor was constructed with colored mosaics with certain pattern. Still, this mosaic work is unparalleled and can’t be seen in any part of the world. Its mosaic patterns are featuring different types of animals, agricultural and hunting preparation from which someone can get sheer knowledge about the lifestyle at that time. Its amazing view and historical value, will cater the satisfaction on your trip to Umm Al-Rasas. Jordan Private Tours & Travel can be reached via for the finest support and service!

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