Top 4 Interesting Things To Do In Jordan Besides Visiting Petra & The Dead Sea

Its true that, the ‘lost’ city of Petra and the ultra-buoyant Dead Sea are the top attractions for many travelers that are on a Jordan tour. But they are just 2 of the many incredible travel experiences on offer in this thrill-packed country of the Middle East. Listed here in this post are 4 things you mightn’t have thought about, but are certainly worth incorporating to your Jordan travel itinerary.

Enjoy scuba diving in the Red Sea:


Though Egypt is renowned for Red Sea diving, there’re also ample possibilities to dive in Aqaba, the only seaside city in Jordan. Ranging from deep canyons to shallow coral gardens, pinnacles to shipwrecks, there’re more than twenty dive sites to pick from, with the same warm water, great visibility and abundant aquatic life that put places such as Sharm el Sheik& Dahab on the diving map of Egypt.

Enjoy the nature:


You may feel surprised to know that Jordan is not all about rocky ranges and sandy deserts. In fact, it is home to 7 very remarkable nature reserves. In Mujib Nature Reserve, you can trek through Wadi Mujib, a beautiful gorge via which a river gets into the Dead Sea at 420 meters beneath sea level, whereas Dana Biosphere Reserve, the largest reserve of Jordan, includes all 4 of the nation’s diverse bio-geographical areas.

Overnight in a Bedouin camp:


Your tour of Jordan is simply incomplete without spending a night in a Bedouin camp. When you first see Wadi Rum, it is easy to understand why several scenes from The Martian were picturized here. Many tourists go for a day tour to this eerie place from the close by town of Aqaba, but lodging overnight in a conventional-style Bedouin camp is quite a fun. Bedouin style camping overnight is also feasible in Petra, and one can suppose to camp next to typical Bedouin households along the Jordan Trail. You can also opt for a homestay with a typical Jordanian family to acquire a taste of local life & culture.

Trek the Jordan Trail:

The Jordan Trail is an exceptional 650km long hiking trail that runs from the village of Umm Qais to the resort city of Aqaba. You can trek a controllable section alone or under the supervision of a local operator, or stay about a month to undertake its total span, which weaves through the old remains (including Petra), far-flung communities, and some really awe-inspiring landscapes.


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