Petra Tours-The Amazing Way To Discover The Past

You have presumably known about Petra, one of the new ponders of the World and the shooting site of numerous motion pictures. In any case, many individuals do not comprehend what it includes to visit Petra. The Petra Tours that we at Jordan Private Tours and Travel organize will give you many opportunities to explore the past. It would be wise to read through so that you are much arranged before you visit Petra.




The tour that you can expect


You can expect to have a morning departure from Amman via the desert high way to Petra – Wadi Mousa and start the tour. Our Petra Tours from Amman starts by passing the marvelous Siq reaching The Treasury, and moving afterwards toward the Theater and later to The Monastery which is beautifully carved, though much less decorated than the Treasury, and so huge that even the doorway is several stories tall. Our Day Trip from Amman to Petra seems to be well occupying you with numerous eye-catching activities.




There are some essentials that you need consideration if you desire to enjoy the Petra Tours most. It is wise to know about those, even though we take care of all these during our Petra Tours from Amman.


Proper guide: For some spots, investigating individually is fun and you can peruse signs as you experience, however at Petra, the Rose City, there were not very many signs clarifying the history. Without a guide, you will not comprehend what you are notwithstanding taking a gander at. The tales behind the models and carvings are told you in details by our experienced guides during the Petra Tours.


Travel along the Kings Highway: If you wish to have a look at the scenic beauty and look out for places to have pictures then you need to travel along the Kings Highway. We make certain that we drive you through Kings Highway when you on Petra Tours with us.


Reach early: We make it a point that we reach Petra early. Our Petra Tours, starts early from Amman so that you reach Petra early and avoid the excessive heat. Not only that, the added time gives you the pleasure of being at the place for a longer time.


Wear comfortable clothes: We suggest that you wear comfortable clothes during the Petra Tours. It would be warm and the comfortable clothes will be more than obvious pleasant to wear.




So, when you desire to have the best of exploration of the past at Petra do contact us at Jordan Private Tours and Travel dialing +962-79-5022001.


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